Meet the Finalists: Science Sparks


Emma Vanstone, of Science Sparks, is a mother of three and lives in the South of England. Her favourite things are cake, Lego and bike riding with her kids. Science Sparks is a blog jam-packed full of fun, creative science experiments and activities for children of all ages using equipment and materials from around the home. We’d love to be her kids, it looks like they have a lot of fun! She tells us about her blogging life:

How did you get started in blogging, then?

I thought it would be something fun to keep me busy when I didn’t go back to work after baby number three. I had no idea then how many opportunities would become available for me or the lovely people I would meet.

What did you do when you found out you were a MADS finalist? 

Jumped up and down and then made a coffee! We did open some champagne at the weekend too. Being a finalist three years in a row is something I’m rather proud of.

Can you describe your MADS outfit in three words? What do you mean you haven’t thought about it yet? (If you haven’t, are you going formal, informal, sleek and slinky or casual?) 

Eeeek, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, would anyone mind if I wore my dress from last year?

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at the awards ceremony and why? 

Oooooh, too many people to mention! Anna (Imagination Tree), Emma (Sojourn Series), Helen (Actually Mummy), Annie (Mammasaurus), Ruth (Geek Mummy), Katie (Mummy, Daddy, Me) and the MAD Blog Awards team 😉    It’s always a fun night with a room full of bloggers.

As a finalist, you’re undoubtedly very wise. Tell us something you’ve learned about life and the universe, through blogging: 

Hmmmmm, there are some things you should never put on your blog…especially if your Mum reads it.

Best. Post. Ever. What’s yours? 

Argghhh, so hard to pick one. This LEGO one did amazingly well recently, and I LOVE LEGO so I’d have to choose this.

The MAD Blog Awards ceremony is a night away from the family. What’s the first thing you’d do given a fancy hotel room ALL to yourself?  (We starfish on the bed. Every time.) 

Shower in peace, without someone coming in telling a tale…

Anything to say to all the people who nominated you, and (obviously) voted for you? 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that people like Science Sparks. It’s been a real slog at times since Kerry passed away, but recognition like this makes it all worth while.

Aside from being nominated for awards (obviously) what’s the best thing about being a UK parent blogger? 

The supportive community is definitely a big part of my life now, I’d miss it if I stopped blogging.

Find Emma on twitter: @emvanstone

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