Meet the Finalists: Mums Do Travel


Gretta Schifano, of Mums Do Travel, is lucky enough to have lived and worked in Italy and Spain. She now lives in rural south-east England with her husband, adoptive and birth children, dog and cat. She tells us about her blogging life:

How did you get started in blogging, then?

I was working as a journalist when I met the lovely Helen of Fuss Free Flavours at a writing group. Helen encouraged me to start blogging – and I’m so glad she did.

What did you do when you found out you were a MADS finalist? 

Phoned my husband straight away!

Can you describe your MADS outfit in three words? What do you mean you haven’t thought about it yet? (If you haven’t, are you going formal, informal, sleek and slinky or casual?) 

No idea….formal?

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at the awards ceremony and why? 

All of the bloggers that I haven’t met, because it’s lovely to meet people in real life through their blogs.

As a finalist, you’re undoubtedly very wise. Tell us something you’ve learned about life and the universe, through blogging: 

That you can become true friends with people as a result of meeting them online.

Best. Post. Ever. What’s yours? 

I don’t know if it’s the best but it’s one which I feel very passionate about. It’s about orphans.

The MAD Blog Awards ceremony is a night away from the family. What’s the first thing you’d do given a fancy hotel room ALL to yourself?  (We starfish on the bed. Every time.) 

Have a bath with no interruptions, companions or requests for help.

Anything to say to all the people who nominated you, and (obviously) voted for you? 

Thank you very, very much. I’m thrilled to be a finalist!

Aside from being nominated for awards (obviously) what’s the best thing about being a UK parent blogger? 

The best thing for me is the lovely people I’ve met and friends I’ve made through the parent blogging community.

Find Gretta on twitter: @grettaschifano

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