2014 Outstanding Contribution Finalists

MAD Blog Awards,

Each year at the MAD Blog Awards, we like to celebrate bloggers with great skills – whether it’s devising and sharing recipes, taking gorgeous photos or writing words that have the power to move, entertain and inspire us.

But we also like to celebrate those bloggers who make our communities (the real world one AND the virtual one) a better place.

They are the bloggers who work tirelessly to make things better. They organise campaigns, or raise funds for charity. They give their time and expertise generously to support other parents and bloggers.

They’re amazing.

Our Outstanding Contribution award, sponsored by the lovely people at Thorntons, is a chance to recognize – and thank – those bloggers who give more than they receive. Our ten finalists will all be invited to the MAD Blog Awards ceremony later this year and we may have one or two surprises in store before then. The winner of this category will NOT be voted, and will instead be chosen by a panel of judges. But you can still vote in our other categories – don’t forget to head over to the voting page to have your say!

Congratulations to these ten amazing, inspiring and all-round outstanding bloggers – and an insight into WHY they’re so amazing – in the words of those who nominated them: Crazy With Twins After having cancer twice in her life, with humor and bravery, Emma now devotes a lot of her time to writing blogs to increase awareness and raising money for cancer research as well as campaigning for the Saatchi Bill.

Downs Side Up: Hayley has helped so many parents going through what she and her family have been through, but she does it in the most gentle, lovely way possible. Hayley is an inspiration – she campaigns tirelessly for equality, helps new parents, and shows the world that Down’s syndrome truly is wonderful and how to move past the label. A truly outstanding blogger and human being!

Edspire:  Jennie blogs tirelessly about her daughter and SIDS and not only raise awareness but also provides support to other parents. She is also a great source of information, support, and advice for parents of twins, parents of premature babies and parents wanting to do more learning activities with kids.

Emma and 3: Emma has made an outstanding contribution to raising awareness of DDH. Her blog reaches and speaks to a wide range of people, educating those who otherwise would never have heard of DDH and supporting and offering advice for those also navigating the difficult diagnosis.

Gammon and Chips:  Maddie is the blogger behind the ‘Love for Izzy Dix’ campaign, which raises awareness of bullying in workplaces/schools and online. The campaign started when Izzy sadly committed suicide due to bullying and aims to support young people to prevent further deaths or harm – Maddie has been inspiring in her tireless promotion of the campaign, and her support for those facing bullying.

London Bird Lucy because Lucy has helped raise money for little Noah, a boy who needs pioneering surgery in America, with the last auction raising over £800. She does so much for charity and her blog is wonderful! 

Mammasaurus/Team Honk: Incredible achievement with the Team Honk charity fundraising, but Annie is also inspiring because she is always willing to help other bloggers, particularly newer ones, with a seemingly endless stream of ideas to help out others.

Mummy Barrow: Tanya has been key to rallying the blogging community together and helped put together a massive fundraising relay from John O Groats to Lands End.

Spewing Mummy: Caitlin Dean, aka blogger “Spewing Mummy”, is a champion for Hyperemesis Gravidarum awareness in the UK and worldwide through Pregnancy Sickness Support. She has helped countless women keep their sanity during the most difficult experiences of their lives, and tirelessly gives support and advice to thousands of women.

Thinly Spread: Chris’ values and ethics shine through her writing – they inform everything she does. She works hard to encourage involvement in Save the Children’s campaigns, but without preaching or lecturing. She is like the wise old owl of the blogging world, and her passion inspires other bloggers to get involved in campaigns she is associated with.

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